Tom Lucas

Proud Limburgian from the beautiful city of Roermond

I am a proud Limburgian born in the beautiful city of Roermond, The Netherlands, where I still enjoy living. In my spare time, I like to engage in activities with my friends.

Furthermore, I am socially involved, and I work as a volunteer for various organisations and carnival events for whom I usually take care of PR and communication. In addition to my involvement in carnival events, I am also a keen carnival fan myself.

Poorly designed (digital) products fascinate me. I refer to these as "UX frustrations" and keep track of them on my Instagram page (

Date of birth

22 juli 1992

Place of birth

Roermond, The Netherlands



Personal qualities

These personal qualities describe me the best:

  • Involved
  • Driven
  • Social
  • Studious
  • Helpful
  • Motivated
  • Flexible

Voluntary work

I work (or used to work) for various organisations and events, usually, in the area of PR, communication and design.

  • OLS 2015
  • Echt Feesten / LVK 2020
  • V.V. De Katers Neel
  • Vastelaoves Villaasj
  • K.V. Ready ‘60